This DVD is absolutely amazing!! You explain the steps so well anyone can follow–that is quite different from the (several) other belly dance DVD’s I have tried!! Even “I” can do it!!! I hope you will put out another with more steps in the NEAR future (and let me know when it is available!!) Love the classes too–HAVE to figure out a way to be able to make it to more of them! ~Carolyn M.

Great as always to see you on Saturday. You dance with a grace and ease that is unmatched. I hope to join you in January to repeat the privilege. ~Jeanne D.

I’m hooked on your DVD. It has got to be the best instructional DVD available for belly dancing. Went to bed late last night and turned it back on before breakfast this morning. I believe this is something I will do every spare minute. On my way to tap/jazz on Monday night, I noticed some girls bellydancing on the lawn at Reynolda Village about 6:30pm. I wondered if they were your students. Smart girls to start young. Hope I can get my daughters hooked on bellydancing. Thanks again for making my day! ~Nancy M.

The Junior League Sustainers group is still talking about their great time with you on April 8! And those who didn’t venture out to join us are kicking themselves because we have reported having so much fun! I appreciate your introducing so many to the art of belly-dancing that night. Everyone commented on what a great way it was to get in shape. ~Annette P. Lynch Vice President, Philanthropic Services The Winston-Salem Foundation

Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful program. You and your group are so talented. We are all in awe of your grace and of course your figure! Please tell all your ladies how much we appreciate their coming all this way to give us such a great program. ~Becky (Lexington NC – Red Hat Society)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! got the dvd. You are amazing, you look fabulous, and you are the best belly dancer instructor I have seen. This is the honest true. I have not seen anyone taking the time to actually illustrate the moves and use the floor print to show figure 8. You are precise and concise. I am certainly thrilled with the DVD. You are second to none girl, or I should say Ma’am. Yes indeed. You are a true teacher, and an excellent dancer, let alone the exquisite taste in your wardrobe, and room decoration. Keep up the good work… you are so talented. As you know, I have a passion for belly dancing. However, have not found the right instructor to help me develop this passion with a true understanding of how to make the moves correctly and more important safely. You instructional dvd allows me manifest my passion. Thanks again. ~Carmen DeLeon

We all so enjoyed you and your girls performance tonight. You have reason to be proud! You are so professional and you’ve done a tremendous job with your dancers. Each time I watch you perform you continue to get better and better (and I wonder how that’s possible). Keep up the good work! ~Rita Lanier-Member of the Lexington NC Red Hat Society

I wanted you to know that I love your class so much. It was everything I was looking for. And you already are a teacher, and an incredible teacher too! Thank you again, By the way, I finally go the forward circle 8’s. I kept at it until I got it down!! ~Lura Wolfe

That is a really cute dance you are teaching us. It is going to be fun and I love the style, playful and cute. Sidenote:
Bellydancing has gotten rid of back spasms that I had for 4 years and no one (doc/physical therapy, etc.) could figure out what to do about them. Because of my work as a dental hygienist, all the wiggling of dancing is very therapeutic.” ~Jeanna

I wanted to thank you and Aladdin’s Genies for such a fantastic performance at the Sara Lee Underwear Holiday Luncheon! I have heard rave reviews from people all over the company. We were thrilled with the performance of your troupe of belly dancers. It really helped authenticate our celebration of holidays in the Near East. Thank you again. ~Donna Bates-Sara Lee Underwear

On behalf of all of Professional Women of Winston-Salem I would like to sincerely thank you for speaking to our group in September. The information that you shared is invaluable when dealing with Middle Eastern Dance and the importance of a woman feeling comfortable with her body. The exercises you shared are great. Your dance was exquisite, you are truly blessed with a beautiful gift.” ~Kelly Rabaliais Program Chairman September 16,1998

On behalf of the Epilepsy Association of North Carolina, I want to express our deepest appreciation of your participation in our “Night to Remember” gala at Graylyn, you were awesome!! I have had so many comments on your incredible performance. You are absolutely stunning on stage. You really added a sparkle to the night.” We are deeply appreciative for your performance that made this a Night to Remember. ~Pat Gibson Epilepsy Association of North Carolina, Inc. March 16, 1997